~~ Jerome ~~

- What is your name? - Jerome or Rock

- What is your League ID? - DJ_Rock

- Where do you live? - North Carolina

- How old are you? - 35

- When is your birthday? - May 6

- Tell us about your family. - Two sisters, no brothers. They are all crazy. I am the sane one, lol.

- What are your hobbies? - Online pool, music and DJing.

- What is your favorite food? - Anything that doesn't eat me first, lol. Steak, pizza, Chinese and fried chicken.

- What is your favorite music? - Country.

- What is your favorite color? - Baby Blue.

- What is your favorite TV show? - WWE Raw

- What is your favorite movie? - Mr. Woodcock

- Tell us something about yourself that we probably don't know. - I love to cook anything except desserts.

- What is your favorite euchre game? - Regular STD.

- Why is JHF the league for you? - I'm learning how to play the game. Very nice and awesome HA and CO-HA.