~~ Mary Lou ~~

- What is your name? - Mary Lou

- What is your League ID? - Fourtrickloner

- Where do you live? - Windsor, Ontario, Canada

- How old are you? - 65

- When is your birthday? - August 28

- Tell us about your family. - Happily divorced. One daughter and two granddaughters (10 and 13) and two step-grandsons (17 and 19).

- What are your hobbies? - Bowling, crocheting and walking my daughter's dog.

- What is your favorite food? - Steak (unless wine is a food).

- What is your favorite music? - Classic Country.

- What is your favorite color? - Green.

- What is your favorite TV show? - Boring - News and Forensic Files.

- What is your favorite movie? - Gone With The Wind

- Tell us something about yourself that we probably don't know. - I retired from the University of Windsor in June after 35+ years. I go in occasionally to help but I love retirement. I host Family Feud in Safe Harbor Games on Sundays and Wednesdays. Some JHF'ers do play so you might be a little light on those nights. On Thursday nights I laugh my way through Family Feud in JHF. I hope others have fun. My goal is - If I can make you laugh, I did good.

- What is your favorite euchre game? - I like most (except boo games).

- Why is JHF the league for you? - I find the Admin and Members in JHF very friendly. And though I joined because of a 2x2 that a member asked me to play, I found I really enjoy the camaraderie that the league offers. Now that I am retired, I have more time to play.