July 18th



Career endeavors are subject to the ebb and flow of forces beyond your control. You are emotionally attached to your professional life, and when your strength and self-discipline arent immediately fruitful, its easy to go into a tailspin. Do your best to lighten up and enjoy life with all its uncertainties. Trust that this dry spell shall pass soon, and that your work and dedication are not in vain. Keep your head in the game. Theres much more recognition and reward just around the riverbend.


1/ 20 -2/ 18

 the saYour core beliefs may be up for review today. If things feel more erratic than usual, allow the quirkiness to express itself so it can resolve sooner than later. Being a good listener is simply bearing witness to another person's life, so they feel seen and heard. Listen more than you speak, especially to the people you love. Keep your advice to yourself and just act as a safe container for someone else. No matter how your journey may twist and turn, accept your part in the plan. ke of success.


                                                           2/ 19 -3/ 20

Superficiality just wont satisfy your appetite now. Your empathy and compassion run deep but your tolerance for basic behavior is nowhere to be found today. Avoid whirlwind engagements that lead to feelings of abandonment. Its better to explore your personal secrets and mysteries than to be disappointed when others arent on your wavelength. Travel within to calm your emotional currents. Shine your light and discover buried treasure.

                                                          Ari.e s

                                                                                            3/20 4/19

You crave emotional support and connection but are often too proud to admit it. Genuine intimacy seems beyond your reach now, even though the people you are committed to want the same thing. Fortunately, you are not the victim, but your own fears and suspicions threaten your invulnerability. Be real with yourself. Whatever feels unobtainable to you externally can be cultivated internally by seeking balance between your inner and outer experiences. Remembering you are the source of it all puts the power back in your hands.


                                                      4  /20   5/20  

Worldly demands might grow overly taxing now, indicating energy conservation is essential for your wellbeing. Your sense of domestic security may feel inert or tense, whether there are issues with your physical body or strangeness in the spaces you frequent. Needing to know the exact purpose of anything only leads to a vicious circle of carrot-chasing today. Consider for a moment your own best interests are hidden and relax into a space of being guided by the universe to find them. Rune Lazuli wrote, Inside the chaos, build a temple of love


                                                                                            5/21 6/21

How easy it is to get swept up in romantic fantasies today. However, allowing your mental state to become hijacked by fairy tales and vivid imaginings will only derail you. Seeing others as objects to be attained is what cheapens the process of developing deep intimacy. A detached type of love empowers you to connect without taking on responsibility for whats not yours. Cut through superficiality to keep your connections as whole and holy as possible. Demonstrating spiritual maturity attracts hearts with similar agendas.


                                     6  /22 -  7/22 

Your family tree is casting shade on your heart today. You might be feeling a sentimentality regarding your roots and bloodline, or a growing attachment toward tradition and culture. Be aware of where you may be relinquishing your power. Sometimes an overly amenable disposition masks fears of inadequacy or an inability to receive. Be generous out of self-interest, but also remember how to graciously accept support. All that you give to others you give to yourself


                                                        7-23 8-22.

Your exceptionally receptive mind processes ideas rapidly. Your sunny disposition is a gift, but todays planetary maelstrom crosses wires, affecting the transmission of information. Apply your inquisitive and irrepressible energy to your own ambitions and dreams. Stop in your tracks if you find you're moving hastily without a semblance of true direction. Lean back and let divine providence steer the wheel


                                                          8/ 23 - 9/22

Financial matters feel like theyre fluctuating in and out of your control. Reevaluate what you tend to hoard as it may reveal an inner deficit falsely comforted by accumulation. Release any outdated constriction regarding possessions. Use your razor-sharp mind to organize all manner of things of value, whether they are actual objects or your perceived beliefs about your personal worth. No matter what the outside looks like, focus on your inherent worthiness to realize your inner security.


                                                         9/23 - 10/22 

You are painting with the full spectrum of the emotional rainbow now. While you naturally vacillate on issues, the intensity of todays planetary transits may leave you feeling more shaky and intense than usual. Melancholy is just as essential to experience as joy; the most important thing is to embrace whatever mood shows up. Fear not any moments of doubt; theres no need to wear the mask of perfection all the time. Brene Brown wrote, What makes you vulnerable makes you beautiful.

                                                           10/23 - 11/21
Signs of synchronicity abound for you today. The air is abuzz with heightened currents of multidimensional aliveness while the veil is thin between this world and a higher realm. Your penetrating mind and strong survival instincts decode your experience as you try to make sense of the mysteries. Pull all the threads together to weave an understanding of the true nature of reality. Recognizing the oneness of it all allows you to laugh at the absurdity of taking life too seriously.


You may inadvertently be jumping through too many hoops when it comes to your friends and social networks. However, your desired contributions might not be as well-received as you wish. Do not take anything too personally now. Consider that everyone is going through their own expansion and evolution process as well. Put your pressing needs for appreciation on the backburner today; you can present them again when the energy is more grounded. Downsize your expectations for the health of your heart. Healing yourself first enables you to also heal the world.


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