FRIDAY NOVEMBER15TH                         



Reconfirm events and meetings on your calendar today. Recent demands on your time might complicate your ability to keep track of details. Likewise, upcoming appointments may not be as worthy of your attention as they previously seemed. Perhaps you need to push them back or off your schedule completely. One of the benefits of cunning Mercurys retrograde is youre given a chance to reevaluate and reset how you connect with others. Proactively manage this cosmic rearrangement before it scrambles your day. Clarity in communication makes all the difference in the world.


1/ 20 -2/ 18

You are known for your strong opinions and principles, but colleagues and friends also have ones just as compelling as yours. However, nobody wins in a conflict when emotions and egos become bigger than each persons reasonable explanations. Your expressed views might have more emotional power than intended. The next thing you know, another person catches more wind in their sails and youre all lost at sea in a monstrous argument. All this turmoil is avoidable if you remember to take a breath before you share your thoughts. Focusing more on what you have in common keeps you firmly rooted in solid ground


                                                           2/ 19 -3/ 20  

OKYou might feel more like a shark in the water than a peaceful fish. Youre on the hunt for better opportunities to demonstrate your skills and talents today. But as mouthy Mercury begins his retrograde in your 10th House of Public Reputation, be mindful of how you speak to others. Too much talk about your abilities and ambitions might come off as arrogant to more insecure folk. Be selective when sharing your plans. Choosing the right audience is key to your success.

                                                            Ari.e s

                                                                                            3/20 4/19  

You cant escape from hearing someone elses perspective on an emotionally charged issue today. You prefer to keep your own counsel and just let the truth chips fall where they may. But winging it wont bring you true resolution or clarity; in fact, it might add more fuel to the fire. Spewing your feelings could provoke an angry response. Start with the assumption that some facts are missing in your exchange and you need to listen closely for clues when anyone talks. Switching things up by taking a rational approach prevents conflicts and saves time.


                                                                                            5/21 6/21

Things go awry and sometimes it is the other guys fault but other times it will be your own. However, tricky Mercurys retrograde warns you not to descend into a negative spiral. Instead, try to uncover the truth as objectively as possible if somethings gone wrong. Hear out the other person before you assume you know what they will say. Beyond blame, there can be peace, forgiveness, and reconciliation. Knowing who is accountable might bring clarity, but true change comes from a commitment to forgive and improve.


                                                      4  /20   5/20  

Youre unwilling to take no for an answer, setting you up to be either a bulldozer or a master negotiator. However, the stars indicate you can be a bit of both today. The bulldozer is more your sense of resolve and determination, indicated by Mercury going against the grain as it turns retrograde. Meanwhile, peacemaker Venus shifts forward, enabling you to seal the deal because of your willingness to compromise. Finding a mutually satisfying solution creates a sense of solidarity.


                               6  /22 -  7/22 

Just when you think all your ducks are neatly lined up in a row, they might waddle off in different directions. This sudden chaos prompts you to either feel a sense of panic or pangs of disappointment. But even getting simple things done can be complicated when mischievous Mercury retrogrades in your 6th House of Routines. Thankfully, theres hope on the horizon. Returning to the drawing board with a project may be necessary because you didnt think the details through the first time. Consider this a second chance to arrange things in a better order than they were before. Practice makes perfect.

                                          LEO 7-23 8-22

A heart-filled word of encouragement to someone, even a stranger, might do wonders for both of you. Venus turns direct in relationship-oriented Libra, taking your mind off your own concerns and issues to focus on how you can support others. Your warm generosity emits rays of hope and cheer. Somehow, you deliver just the right words with your inimitable charm now. Reserve some of your sweet compassion to calm your own foibles and fears. Kindness begins within.

                                   OK    Virgo

                                                          8/23 9/22

     You worry that youre not making enough progress with your life goals today. The truth is youre likely doing better in some respects than others. Youre optimistic about money prospects now that Venus turns direct in your 2nd House of Finances. Although you might not be able to bump your earnings, you can improve your situation by adding to your savings and tightening your budget. Nevertheless, Mercurys retrograde requires you to revisit a family matter you thought was already put to rest. The more secure you are in your self-worth, the less likely anything can shake your foundation.

                                                                            9/23 10/23

People are likely to fall into orbit around you without any effort on your part. Ironically, you may never know what draws others to you; your friendly personality, stylish fashion sense, and witty conversational skills are all probable factors. Of course, you might find it hard to rebuff the attention, but you must politely switch your focus to get any work done. As the day winds down, bask in the accolades you receive and delightfully give in return.

                                                         OK Scorpio

                                                      OCT 23 -YNOV 21
Someone might share some unsolicited feedback that you find less than savory or valuable. This interaction may stir up strong emotions, perhaps inciting you to lash out. Reconsider this impulse for several reasons. First, losing your cool never looks cool, especially in the workplace. Second, you might be angrier if even one smidgen of a rumor or criticism could be true now. Last, its better to address whats incorrect in a diplomatic and instructive way for everyone involved


Not everyone is ready to receive the gifts youre prepared to give. Sometimes, folks are too set along the path theyre traveling to heed your wise advice. However, everyones entitled to the journey they wish to take. Youre likely learning lessons on how and when to be a giver and receiver, especially in respect to nuggets of truth and wisdom. But this might also be true for other material favors you want to dole out, like offering a charitable donation or a helping hand. Think twice about any acts of generosity today. Only follow through when you know the person can handle what youre sharing.


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